XFLAM panel selected for Big Chill's new distribution facility at Highbrook

Currently under construction for Big Chill in Auckland's Highbrook , Bondor NZ's XFLAM insulated panel has been selected as the panel of choice for this new state of the art distribution facility. Approximately ...more

BondorNZ XFLAM more successful fire tests.

Check out the latest fire test announcements in the case studies tab. Further results for IS9705 testing and a new result for XFLAM panel in ceiling application. ...more

Quality is Certifed Again

The team at Bondor NZ are proud to announce that they have received a three year revalidation of their ISO9001:2008 quality certification from Telarc SAI Ltd. ...more

XFLAM performance at Westland Milk Products.

XFLAM panel was used extensively throughout the construction of Westland Dairy's new nutritional milk drying tower affectionately known as 'D7'. Bondor NZ's installation team was engaged to install panel ...more

XFLAM a winner for Polarcold

XFLAM insulated panel was the preferred panel system for Polarcold Stores recently completed new cold storage facility at Manukau, Auckland. Approximately 22000m2 of panel was supplied and installed over ...more

Drawings and Details

With over 40 years of details, drawings, and specifications in the NZ market some things are going to change. Not all drawings, details and specs issued by Bondor NZ are still relevant - as building ...more

Creating Lightweight Firewalls with XFLAM

Fire wall separation between structures are great way of creating passive fire protection. The spread of flame and heat is limited and allows more time for active fire fighting to take place. In ...more

BondorNZ EPS Panel achieves Group 1-S - meets the new code.

Bondor NZ EPS insulated panels were subject to testing in accordance with ISO 9705 and NZBC C/VM2. BRANZ report number FAR4054 confirms that in relation to the fire hazard properties of wall and ceiling ...more

ASKIN performance panels

BONDOR NZ's parent company has rebranded to ASKIN - Performance Panels. Combining seven different entities in Australia into one new brand. Check out the new ASKIN website at - BONDOR ...more

XFLAM leads the way with extraordinary FM test results

Bondor NZ and Austral Australia are very pleased to advise to that XFLAM insulated panel has received approval from FM Global for the following building classfications. FM 4880 Unlimited Height. FM4881 ...more

IPENZ recognises XFLAM

IPENZ recognises XFLAM - phenol modified EPS - insulated panels; as having 'a high degree of of fire resistance' and they do 'not provide fuel to a fire and can prevent the spread of fire.' For more information ...more