Insulated Panel Cores

»Technical Details And Core Comparisons


  • XFLAM is a breakthrough product in the field of fire-resistant panel. It is a syntactic foam with enhanced fire resistance, excellent mechanical properties, low toxicity and is completely recyclable.
  • XFLAM achieves the New Zealand and Australian building codes for the rating of elements AS1530.4.  
  • XFLAM is approved by  global insurers  – FM Global - 4880 Interiors, (Class 1), FM 4881- Exteriors, FM4471 - Roofing.
  • XFLAM achieves a  Group 1-S  classification under  to the requirements of ISO 9705 time  to flashover.
  • For spread of fire  AS1530.3 the following indices apply 0 0 0 1.
  • For ISO 5600 release rates -  peak heat is 81 K.w/m2 and total heat is 4.9 MJ/m2.
  • The unique blend of composite material in the XFLAM core not only enhances fire resistance it also achieves higher insulation ratings, and provides superior strength and rigidity that enables long spans suitable for use in the walls, ceilings, roofs and facades of all buildings.
  • Very low water vapour transmission rates and low water absorption ensure XFLAM can be used in any application previously regarded as the preserve of EPS cored panel.
  • XFLAM restricts its combustion to small clean burning cells with very little smoke production and negligible toxic species in a fire.
  • XFLAM is compliant with both aircraft and underground rail fire response requirements.
  • For more information go to the XFLAM Fire Rated section or download the specification sheet in this section.


Polyfoam EPS

  • Polyfoam EPS (expanded polystyrene) is the industry proven core used in insulated panel construction for more than 40 years including the original Rudnev panel. It is ideally suited in temperature control applications and has an impressive strength to weight ratio.
  • Polyfoam EPS is the cost effective solution to rising building costs and its exceptional lightweight properties provide further savings in the costs for foundations, framing and installation.
  • Bondor New Zealand's Polyfoam EPS panel meets the NZBC acceptable solution C/AS1 for foamed plastics, and when detailed to Bondor New Zealand's specification achieves a fire resistance 240/240/- rating for non-load bearing walls.
  • The raw material used contains a fire retardant and is completely recyclable.
  • The energy saved in the first six months of a building constructed from Polyfoam EPS panel is more than the total energy used to manufacture Polyfoam EPS and convert it to an insulating material.


Xflam panel

Mineral Wool

  • Mineral wool is manufactured from molten rock, glass or slag that is spun into wool like fibre and bound with resin. The fibres are compressed which trap air creating insulation and sound control attributes.
  • Classified as non-combustible, mineral wool does not conduct heat and can withstand temperatures above 1000°C.
  • Where noise control is important mineral wool provides significant acoustic ratings.
  • The inorganic nature and bonded structure of mineral wool makes it vermin and insect proof.
  • Recommended for complete buildings, constructing fire cells, partition walls, and isolating plant rooms where the ambient temperature is above 5°C.
  • Suitable also for cool stores and freezers with correct installation, and vapour barrier installed.