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XFLAM case studies include cool chain solutions, insurance solutions, seismic solutions and Polarcold stores. 



Bondor NZ - Sustainability Policy

With climate change a global issue it pays to confirm what you are specifying is truly green.At Bondor New Zealand Ltd our mission is to be the leader in sustainable business practices.

In every framework of our operation we are dedicated to ensuring that our actions and products have minimal impact on the environment.We are committed to a healthy clean planet.

The Bondor NZ range of insulation products whether they are in the wall, floor or roof of a building facilitate the preservation of natural resources through reducing the amount of energy of consumed in living and work spaces.

Bondor NZ - Green Stars

The thermal values derived from our products  provide exceptional insulation ratings and  significant potential energy savings.

Bondor NZ's construction systems and insulated panel enable energy to be used efficiently and not wasted.

Our manufacturing processes are ISO audited and our manufacturing target for waste is - 'zero to landfills.'

All our products can be 100% recycled reused or remanufactured. We recycle all water used in the manufacturer of  Polyfoam EPS.

No blowing agents, that damage the ozone layer, are used in the manufacture of our products.

 XFLAM is the only fire resistant  insulation material that is recyclable in itself, and is also capable of absorbing other foams such as PIR, PUR, and EPS.

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