XFLAM Fire Rated

XFLAM is a break through product in the field of fire-resistant panel. It is a syntactic foam with enhanced fire resistance, excellent mechanical properties, superior insulation values, low toxicity and is completely recyclable. XFLAM combines the best attributes of Polyfoam EPS and phenolics with new attributes of its own.
Developed initially as a high performance core for panel systems, XFLAM also has applications in many other areas.

XTRA Fire Resistance:

XFLAM consists of EPS pre-expanded beads with a hybrid phenolic resin, a catalyst, lightweight additives and carbon. The resin has high adhesive bond energy. It is hard to break down under fire energy and eliminates the exposure of the EPS bead to the flame source. At 1200 0 C celsius the phenolic honeycomb matrix remains intact and the fire behaviour is limited to charring which significantly delays the fire spread. Combustion is restricted to small cleaning burning cells with very little smoke production and negligible toxic species.
In comparison to  other RCPs (rigid cellular plastics) such as PIR (polyisocyanurate) and PUR (polyurethane)  XFLAM provides  superior fire resistance. It achieves its FM Approvals  with simple and cost effective construction details and is the  only RCP that achieves a Group 1-S classification.

XFLAM meets global insurance requirements:

Factory Mutual Global. FM Wall - Ceiling Construction.
Meets all requirements of;
FM 4880   Internal Walls and Ceilings.Unlimited Height.
FM 4881  External Walls. Standard Flat panel and Trapezodial Metric roofing profile.
FM 4471 Panel Roofs. Standard Flat panel and Trapezodial Metric roofing profile.

XFLAM meets the NZ and Australian building codes for fire resistance:

AS1530.4 Fire Resistant Test for Resistance Levels (FRL)
50mm panel WALL             - / 120 / 15        INTEGRITY RATING 120mins INSULATION RATING 15mins
100mm panel WALL          - / 120 / 30         INTEGRITY RATING 120mins INSULATION RATING 30mins
250mm panel  WALL        - / 120 / 115        INTEGRITY RATING 120mins INSULATION RATING 115mins
100mm panel CEILING    - / 60 / 30            INTEGRITY RATING 60mins   INSULATION RATING 30mins  
 - /  = STRUCTURAL RATING   this element requires specific engineering and structure.
The Fire Resistance Level refers to the time in minutes which the panel will resist,  exposure to heat and flame without a loss of Structural Adequacy / Structural Integrity / or Structural Insulation. 
The Fire Resistance Level is given in 3 compartments. It is not uncommon to see a Fire Resistance Level for insulated panel expressed as  - /120/30 where the panel is used a non load bearing element. 
The different compartments are defined as follows;
Structural Adequacy. This generally refers to testing on load bearing steel beams and columns.
Integrity Rating. This refers to the ability of the panel to restrict the flow of flames and hot gasses but it is not a test of smoke flow. When referring to the Fire Rating of panel it is generally the single figure defined under the Integrity rating that is used.
Insulation. This is a measure of the temperature rise on the  non fire side of the insulated panel when used as a separating barrier. 
ISO9705 Corner Room Test achieved Group 1-S 
Testing for Flashover in minutes. Group 1-S is the best classification.

Passes the Flame Barrier requirements for foamed plastics under the Acceptable Solution C/AS1-AS7 C/VM2 of the NZBC.
The spread of fire indices as prescribed by AS1530.3  are negligible 0 0 0 1.
Ignitability 0 , Spread of flame 0, Heat evoked 0, Smoke developed 1.
Heat Release rates in reference to ISO5660 are Peak Heat 81 K.w/m2  & Total Heat  4.9 MJ/m2   
"Specifiers and building owners can be confident when they use XFLAM they are fulfilling the requirement of the New Zealand and Australian Building Codes, Territorial Authorities and the insurance industry."

XTRA Thermal Performance:

As an insulating material XFLAM achieves higher insulation rating than EPS. Very low water transmission rates ensure XFLAM can be used in any application previously regarded as the preserve of EPS, PUR, and PIR panel.
"Greater insulation value reduces the energy costs for maintaining comfortable and efficient environments in the building."

XTRA Strong

As a construction product XFLAM has superior mechanical properties to EPS, PIR,PUR and mineral wool.  It can span up to 30% further than PIR and PUR  reducing the cost of supporting structures  and freeing up internal spaces.
XFLAM provides extra strength and rigidity that enables long spans suitable for use in the walls, ceilings, roofs and facades of all buildings. It can be used as structural unit in commercial and residential construction.
"Structural costs can be significantly reduced through using XFLAM panel, in comparison to other building materials and insulated panels.
"XFLAM doesn't require extra structural components to achieve its fire ratings."

XTRA Sustainable:

No blowing agents are used in the manufacture of XFLAM.  XFLAM waste can be returned to the manufacturing process - and because its made locally the carbon footprint of transport is minimal.
Its advanced insulation ratings ensure the energy consumption is reduced preserving the natural resources of the planet.
"Sustainable construction is a critical factor in the consideration of building materials. XFLAM insulated panel ticks all the boxes and more."

XTRA Value

Dollar for dollar XFLAM achieves better thermal resistance  (R - value) than PIR and PUR sytems. Savings of up to 30% can be made  when calculating the costs of the panel system and the appropriate structural supporting elements together.

XTRA Seismic Resilience

The lightweight nature of XFLAM panel ensures that in the event of an earthquake the lateral loadings are minimal. Occupant safety is high and property damage is negligible due to the high bracing capacity and the inherent strength of the steel skins.

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