Uses of Insulated Panel and Panel Systems

Bondor NZ structural insulated panels and insulated panel systems have been manufactured  in New Zealand for more than 40 years during which time have been used in the following applications;

Controlled atmosphere storage, freezers, chillers, roofing, architectural cladding, high rise apartments, facades, distribution centres, gymnasiums, portable buildings, interior fitouts, partitions, commercial kitchens, produce storage, wineries, temperature controlled environments, laboratories, blast freezers, supermarkets, food processing facilities, dairy factories, rearing sheds, cow sheds, residential roofing, pharmaceutical manufacture, piggeries, fish processing, canopies, bakeries, temporary retail spaces temporary commercial office spaces, archives, swimming pools, stadium roofs, incubation facilities, poultry sheds, kennels, housing, warehouses with name a few.

"Bondor New Zealand also offers and supplies a warranted installation service as well as a complete range of flashings, aluminium extrusions, insulated doors and construction components"  

The Range of Profiles for Walls and Roofing


Wall panels can be installed horizontally or vertically. Finished panels can be any combination of wall profile.
Bondor Panel Profiles


Bondor New Zealand's pre-finished panels provide a fully insulated roof and ceiling system that is extremely fast to install, requiring only one trade. With better spanning capabilities and fewer purlins than traditional long run roofing, the installation time is reduced and the requirement to install underlays, foils, building papers, mesh and blanket insulation is eliminated. Our roofing profiles include a  5 rib trapezodial system and a pan profile with a mechanical seal.

Bondor Roof Panels are ideal where exposed rafters and purlins are detailed.
Bondor Roofing, Canopies and Cladding
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