General Description

Geotechnical engineers and contractors in New Zealand are all too familiar with the problems of road construction in poor load bearing areas. Traditional construction methods using conventional fill materials can be both uneconomic and impractical. 

POLYROCK® from Bondor New Zealand Limited is the perfect choice of material for this type of situation. Consisting of moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS) in a 5.4m X 1.2m X 600mm block (nominal), POLYROCK® offers a unique combination of very low density, significant load bearing capacity and long term stability, but it is also extremely fast and simple to install. These features make POLYROCK suitable for numerous other geotechnical applications where a dramatic reduction in vertical and/or lateral loads is required. 

Weighing in at 1/100th (1%) the weight of conventional fill, POLYROCK® blocks virtually eliminate the lateral and vertical movement and complete bearing failure aften associated with road construction on poor load bearing soils. There is also minimal settlement or long term compression of soil layers. This can lead to substantially reduced costs for structures, foundations or ground improvements and on going maintenance costs. Bondor New Zealand Limited has state of the art national production facilities,and we also provide comprehensive technical support from our nationwide branch network as well as numerous international sources. All this is backed up by the Bondor New Zealand Limited's guarantee of quality and preformance.
  • 1/100th of the weight of traditional fills 
  • Considerable programme efficiencies 
  • Virtually eliminates lateral loadings 
  • Reduced ground loadings 
  • Minimal settling 
  • Minimal long term compression of soil layers 
  • Reduces differential settlement


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Uses in Construction

Abutment Backfill

To reduce lateral pressure and differential settlements at bridge abutments

Hillside Roading

Construction of hillside roading embankments in steep terrain.

Lightweight Fill

For the protection of existing services such as stormwater or sewerage pipe systems

Road Embarkments

Reduce loads on subsoil compared to conventional embankments. This is the most common application in New Zealand for POLYROCK® so far.