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Bondor NZ's XFLAM fire resistant panel was chosen as the wall and facade system for the new public entrance, 4 level clinical link building and lift shaft for the purpose built Acute Services building at Taranaki Base Hospital.

The brief was to provide an all in one wall and facade system that had specific requirements around lateral displacement capacity and weather tight performance post seismic event, while also meeting the fire requirements under the NZ building code.

Given the entrance was to be the main public gateway a contemporary aesthetic finish was mandatory. Bondor NZ's satinline profile in a brilliant metallic silver finish was selected for the entry and the metric profile in sandstone grey from the New Zealand colour steel range was installed to the link building and the lift shaft.

During the engineering evaluation XFLAM panel was able to demonstrate its ability to accommodate significant lateral movements under Serviceability Limit States and Ultimate Limit State conditions.

In the event of significant seismic occurrence precedence was given in the design to ensure that the panel system would remain in place, relative to the structure. Adept flashing designed ensured that building would also remain weather tight.

XFLAM panel's efficient light weight properties, and uncomplicated fixing methodology coupled with its inherent strength ensured the panels were installed to all the specific performance requirements within the clients budget and on time.

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Key Design Elements Achieved For Multi-Level Constructions

  • Isolation of XFLAM cladding between levels preventing non-structural damage under inter storey drift.
  • XFLAM cladding fixed to the main structure to allow for in plane and out of plane forces.
  • XFLAM panel systems to remain serviceable after defined seismic movements relative to Serviceability Limit State (SLS) conditions.
  • Under Ultimate Limit State (ULS) conditions the XFLAM panel system accommodates racking to prevent collapse, fall or fail.
  • XFLAM achieves inherent Fire Resistant Ratings (FRR) without incorporating additional passive fire measures.
  • Provision for thermal expansion and associated deflections relative to the maximum temperature differential easily achieved by XFLAM panel.
  • Wind loads and wind pressure accommodated into the seismic design as the differential movement between the structure and XFLAM cladding, due to wind induced motion are considerably smaller than a moderate earthquake.
  • Prefinished external cladding and internal wall finishes achieved with Bondor NZ's modular panel systems.

XFLAM is a new generation of fire resistant insulation material that is highly suitable as a core in insulated panel systems. Manufactured in a proven lamination process XFLAM insulated panel provides outstanding fire performance, excellent structural strength and advanced thermal performance. As a syntactic foam, XFLAM is safe to work with, has low toxicity and is completely recyclable.



XFLAM has advanced thermal ratings that do not diminish, high 'R' values are achieved using standard insulated panel thicknesses, easily surpassing the requirements of the NZBC.



Tested and rated under the AS1530.4 and ISO 9705 for fire resistance and flashover. XFLAM panels are easily incorporated into the designs of fire cells and internal and external walls requiring a FRR.



In the event of a fire incident, fire does not spread in the core and the behavior of the core is limited to charring. The low generation of smoke and spread characteristics contribute to the added safety for the building occupants and property.



The lightweight nature of XFLAM panel ensures that in the event of an earthquake the lateral loadings are minimal. Occupant safety is high and property damage is negligible due to the high bracing capacity and inherent strength of the steel skins and XFLAM core.



XFLAM panel has superior spanning capabilities in comparison to other products in the market, resulting in reduced structural requirements, faster build times and a greater usable space.



As the lowest density fire rated insulation core on the market, less XFLAM material is required in the panel which reduces the building mass and embodied energy. Recyclability of the panel core and steel faces ensures less waste product is sent to landfill.



XFLAM is a competitive price solution for fire resistant insulations, the speed of build and benefit of NZ manufacturing ensures BondorNZ systems are installed without delay.



XFLAM Insulated panel are the first panels in NZ and Australia to Achieve FM accreditation for the following standards:

  • FM 4880 // Internal wall and ceilings (class 1) Unlimited heights
  • FM 4881 // Exterior walls
  • FM 4471 // Roof Systems

These tests for accreditation are undertaken at FM Global's testing facility in Rhode Island, New York, and determine a products Performance under various fire and environmental conditions.